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We are the largest full-service gastroenterology group in the Houston metropolitan area, bringing high quality, cost-effective personalized care to patients from The Woodlands and North Houston to Sugar Land, Richmond, Pearland, and Angleton.

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Thanks to Dr. Fiman and his staff, I joined the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and have lost close to 20 lbs. I was doing all of this with a broken ankle and was not able to exercise. It has made my acid reflux disappear and helped heal my Barrett’s Esophagus. I highly recommend this weight loss program. Thank you Dr. Fiman, Nurse Evlyn and Coach Annie.

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We have created this healthcare blog to better inform and educate our patients on emerging trends regarding gastrointestinal treatment options.

Blog pic Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Fun & feasting during the holiday season can quickly result in undesirable weight gain if you are not careful. What’s worse is according to research statistics, the pounds you put on during the holidays...

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Blog pic The Most Common Liver Problems and How to Avoid Them

The Most Common Liver Problems and How to Avoid Them

Your liver is one of the largest organs in your body. It is present just behind your ribcage on the right side of your abdomen. Everything you eat, drink, breathe, or absorb through your skin eventually reaches your liver.

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