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Weight Loss Strategies that Work

Weight Loss Strategies that Work
Weight Loss Strategies that Work

Even though obesity rates have begun to slow in recent years, obesity still remains one of the most significant threats to the health of our nation. In 1985, not a single state in US had an obesity rate above 15%. As things stand today, at least 20% of the population across all states are obese. About 8% of the population are extremely obese. The reason for these alarming figures is a combination of factors – bigger portion sizes, confusing diet and nutrition information, and our technologically driven comfort-oriented lifestyle. Americans in general walk less when compared to any other industrialized country.

Obesity strikes in the womb - excessive weight gain and smoking in pregnant mothers may increase the risk of the child becoming obese later in life. Research has shown that children who are overweight during early childhood are at a greater risk of becoming obese as adults.

Prevention can be a first step in reversing this epidemic, as parents we can address at-risk eating habits and lifestyles in children by encouraging more physical activity, less TV time, and educating them about benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For those who are already overweight or obese, it may not be just a matter of counting your calories and working out more often. Often obese individuals may suffer from comorbid conditions such as heart or lung diseases and arthritic joints that can make it very difficult to get sufficient exercise. There is also the matter of breaking the addiction to delicious, sugary comfort food, which is easier said than done!

If you have tried (and are tired of) yo-yo dieting and following the latest workout routines, maybe it is time to seek help from your doctor. Medically supervised programs such as Orbera and Ideal Protein can give you that extra push you need to successfully alter how you look and feel. A product of the latest advances in bariatric technology, Orbera can cause rapid weight loss without surgery! A special gastric balloon is placed inside your stomach temporarily to cause a sensation of satiety breaking the habit of overeating. It is an outpatient procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes. Ideal Protein is a structured weight loss program that trains you to live off your fat reserves. It involves one-to-one coaching, health education, and lifestyle modification that is tailored to work for your body. Both methods emphasis permanent long-term weight loss.

For more information on how Orbera or Ideal Protein can help you with your weight loss goals, contact Greater Houston Gastroenterology.

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