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The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal
The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

The Benefits of Keeping a Food JournalControlling what you eat is the most important first step when it comes to improving your overall health & wellbeing. Unfortunately, most people fail at this initial hurdle being unable to resist the allure of easily available processed foods that contain way too much sugar, fat & salt than is good for them. A food journal is a very powerful tool that can help you take back your power in kitchen.

Here are some of the benefits of keeping a food journal:

  • You Start Eating Healthy: Often just the simple act writing down what you eat is enough to spur you on to clean up your act by eliminating unhealthy food. Tracking your nutrition can also help you identify important foods missing from your diet such as water or protein.
  • You Will Lose Weight: In a research study related to weight loss, it was found that participants who kept a food journal lost twice as much weight as those who did not record their meals. Keeping a food journal is the exact opposite of mindless eating and so you are bound to lose weight.
  • You may Discover Hidden Food Allergens: For many people who eat foods that might not agree with them, the connection is not always clear. A food journal will shed light on this aspect. Whether is gluten or lactose intolerance, once you identify the problem, you can now take remedial action.
  • You No Longer Eat if You Aren't Hungry: Besides hunger, other common causes for eating include being stressed out, boredom, or external cues such as a food commercial. Maintaining a food journal will give you the time to pause and reflect about how unnecessary it is to eat when you aren’t hungry!
  • Bridging the gap between Fact & Fiction: Some people tend to exaggerate the good aspects of their eating habits and hide the negative aspects (even from themselves). But there’s no escaping reality when it’s all written down in black and white. Getting an accurate picture of the situation will give you a new sense of purpose in reaching your fitness goals.

Maintaining a food journal can be a little difficult in the early stages, but its well worth the time and effort as you soon notice the amazing benefits to your health.

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