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Can Exercise Ease Your IBS?

Can Exercise Ease Your IBS?

Exercise has been considered the magic pill for many simple and chronic conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a common digestive condition that causes bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation and stomach cramps, is also one of these diseases that can be efficiently controlled by exercise. Exercise helps control symptoms, and emotional and physical triggers associated with IBS.

A 20 to 60 minute moderate-to-vigorous workout, thrice a week, was found to significantly improve IBS symptoms. How does exercise help? It helps improve IBS symptoms by regulating the movement of stools. Since IBS is closely associated with stress, exercise is beneficial as it relaxes the body and reduces stress.

Some of the exercises that can help IBS include:

  • Aerobic exercises: walking and cycling
  • Breathing exercises: increases oxygen intake and reduces tension
  • Yoga: helps in relaxation
  • Tai chi: This form of martial arts helps you take deep breaths and meditate.
  • Meditation: helps you focus on your breathing

So get out there and exercise! It’s great for your overall physical fitness and may help your IBS too.

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