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  • How Doctors Accurately Diagnose GERD

    How Doctors Accurately Diagnose GERD

    We have all experienced the occasional burning sensation or a sour taste in the mouth after a heavy meal. This is usually acid reflux aka heartburn. It occurs mainly because there is literally no place for the acidic contents in the stomach to go but up into the esophagus. It is a very common condition in the United States and is often the result of overeating, smoking, too much of salt and too little of fiber in the diet, and low-levels of physical activity.

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  • 4 Benefits of the Orbera Weight Loss System

    4 Benefits of the Orbera Weight Loss System

    If you’re considering bariatric surgery, first take a look at the Orbera weight loss system or intragastric balloon system. The Orbera system is ideal for obese individuals (BMI of 30 to 40 kg/m2) looking to lose weight that have not had success with diet and exercises alone.

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  • When is GI Cancer Screening Necessary?

    When is GI Cancer Screening Necessary?

    The American Cancer Society estimates about 26,370 cases of stomach cancer may have been diagnosed in 2016 with 10,730 of these cases resulting in death. This disease generally occurs later in life with the average age at diagnosis being around 69. The average risk of developing stomach cancer is about 1 in 111. Men are more likely to be affected by this disease as compared to women.

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  • Lose Weight Permanently

    Lose Weight Permanently

    Most people who have been fighting a battle against obesity will agree that the actual losing of weight is not as hard as maintaining the weight loss achieved in the long term. A study done in 1999 estimated that only 20% of overweight/obese Americans could sustain a weight loss of 10% of their bodyweight for at least a year.

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  • Increased Health Risks for Overweight Adults

    It is an unfortunate fact that nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States must deal with the effects of obesity. Being obese is not just a cosmetic problem; it can have serious medical consequences.

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  • If You’ve Tried Everything to Lose Weight, Here’s an Ideal Solution

    If you are overweight or obese and have tried most of the diets and exercise programs in the market without achieving any sustainable weight loss, you may perhaps need a medically supervised weight loss program. This is especially true when you consider how excess weight can and does affect your health.

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  • Having Trouble Losing Weight?

    Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America with nearly 38% of adult Americans suffering from this condition and more than two-thirds of the population being overweight. Given the fact that being obese or overweight is the most common medical reason for young people being unable to enlist in the military, obesity is indeed one of the biggest threats to America in more ways than one!

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  • 9 Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

    Losing weight around the holidays can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Here are some tips to keep your diet and your waistline in check this holiday season.

    • Wake Up with Exercise: Make exercise the first thing you do in the morning, especially in the holiday season. This way you are done with this very important part of your weight loss plan before any other holiday activities or errands come up.

    • Plan Fun-Filled Physical Activities: Learning a new type of dance or sport that you would enjoy, hiking, swimming, or even going for long leisurely walks are great ways to burn calories while having fun.

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About GERD

    Most people have experienced the feeling of heartburn after a heavy meal every once in a while, however for people with GERD, the feeling may occur on a daily basis with serious consequences. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition caused by the backward flow of gastric juice into the esophagus (the tube that connects the throat to the stomach) resulting in symptoms such as heartburn, regurgitation, painful swallowing, throat soreness, and chest pain.

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  • 4 Tips to Prevent Diabetes

    Diabetes is on the rise with greater than 24 million Americans being affected, 6 million of whom don’t even realize they have diabetes. What’s even more frightening is type 2 diabetes which usually affects adults is now showing up in children. The complications caused by diabetes such as limb loss and heart disease are equally disturbing.

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